What am I doing wrong?

User A created a workspace.
User B needs access to this workspace to add shares but User A is gone home.
I (Administrator) attempted to figure out how to give User B access to the workspace created by User A. I found no means to simply add User B to the workspace directly (problem number one). So, I tried to create a Role where I found I could give access to workspaces to the Role. I then assigned this Role to User B and…the workspace does not appear on User B’s list of workspaces…WTF?

How, for the love of all that is good, does an admin get User A’s workspace to show up for User B so User B can also access/use/modify this workspace? Please provide step by step instructions because the documentation seems to be outdated or wrong and I tried literally every option available in the interface and nothing worked.

Thank you,


workspaces created by users are acting like the workspace My Files as they’re the personal user workspaces, so you cannot really share them. What your user A could do is create a directory in his workspace and share this directory with user B (do not forget to give rights to modify) he will then have a small access to user A workspace.

In case you have multiple users you can create a group put all of the users in it, and when ever you want to give access to all of the user you just share to the group with user A( as this workspace is his personal one) if you want a workspace for every one to access(it can be 2 users or more) you will have to create it with the settings panel as an admin.

Thanks zayn, that explains some things.

I’m still left wondering, if this is the case, why can I add rights for these workspaces to a Role if it doesn’t actually do anything? What’s the point, is this just a UI bug?

Also, User A has a shared folder in the workspace that I want to give access to User B, but even as an administrator I have no means to do this. User A has gone home, as I stated originally. I don’t need to share the workspace itself to User B, I just need to share that folder but even as an admin I seem to have no means to do this as I cannot give myself access to the workspace to moderate shares.

FYI, I’m trying to avoid creating workspaces/permissions administratively. The whole point to experimenting with Pydio was to try to put the power to share files into our users hands, and not have admins needed to do this sort of thing. It seems pydio just isn’t really designed for this sort of thing though.