Add Role to group

Hello guys,

Please, I need help.
I need to add a role to a group of users, I can only add a role for user, but I can’t add a role to group.
Do I miss something to do?`


Hi there,
to do so you need to add a parameter as shown in the following screenshot :

by doing that it will automatically give the role to all the users that belongs to the group.

I add the role id in the blank of (Auto apply role) but still, users can’t give permission to access the workspace that associated with the specific role id!

could you try with this (testrole is just my example role):

Still it users within the goup can’t access the worskpace which is associated with that role.

could you verify that the users of this group have the role, just check a random user, it they have the role it means that either there’s a role that is overruling it and is blocking the access or else the role doesn’t have the rights to access the workspace.

regarding the workspace access, when I give the role for user it can access the workspace.
I check the role for a user within the group, it didn’t take the role with this method.

after some testing and checking i think that you should either restrict the access via the group and then add the users to it, or create a role and add users to it(you can auto apply roles to users that are matching a selected profile) but i believe that having group & role to manage the access to the same workspace is kinda overkill because a role is like a group but you can use it on a larger scale but a group is on the other hand for a small group of people.

what do you mean by this? " or create a role and add users to it(you can auto apply roles to users that are matching a selected profile)"

I want a group so I can easily add role to a number of users within a group.

regarding to this part,
I need to give access to some user to the same workspace but some of them can share and others can’t, this is why I want to add role to a group (role_user) and one of them to be with a role (role_admin)

the best way would be to create a role that has access to the workspace you want and give it access unless you want an entire group to have access then you just need to give rights to the group that needs it, when i said group & role was overkill i mean’t that lets say you want to give access to workspace ‘A’ to users of group ‘groupA’ you just need to give rights to the group you don’t really need a role, a role has rights above groups so basically it’s when you want rights to access workspaces that belongs to other groups ( i mean you can do a lot more than that but it’s an example )

about this part ok i got it, then you just create a group that has by default not sharing and create a role that has the rights to share and you can choose who can or not, but to apply the role you would have to give to users one by one

Thank you @zayn

But the admin can’t share! although I added a role with all right on the workspace. So all of them can’t share on same group.
Is there any way to overcome this?


it can work only if the user is out of the group (and then add role for him). So, in this case, he can’t inherit the right of disabling sharing from the group.

roles works like groups, it’s just that they’re on a bigger scale so adding role, to users of a group will not add anything if you want to give specific rights to users you will have to create 2 groups or roles and one with the rights to share and the other with no rights to share and then you give it to the users that are supposed to have or not the rights and it should do the trick.

One of the misconception that i might’ve given you was that you could say with a role one thing and say another with groups and it will still work.