How to disable sharing for group on workspace?

Guys, Please help.
I need some users to be in a group and has an administrator in which all of them view the same workspace and all of them has right to view only not to share anymore! The only administrator has right to share on the workspace for this group users.

My problem that all users on the workspace can share :frowning:

Please, any idea to overcome this issue?

if I create a folder on admin side (the main admin on pydio), and share this folder to a group give only right to view and give a right to edit only for the administrator on this group.

MY PROBLEM here: is that this administrator has not right to share on this shareable folder! I need to give him right to share on this folder.

you could create a role called admin and give rights to the workspaces that you need roles have a larger heritage.
You could also create a role called users, and control the access etc. to each workspaces

Hello @zayn,

I created new role users and give it to workspace (x) and need this role only to read (view) in workspace, However, still all users with this role are able to share! :frowning: I don’t want those (eole=users) to share. can i do it?

yes it’s possible you can look at the screen that i will show you,
you can do this for users/groups/roles you go and edit one of those
and you do this as seen in this example you can do it for everything else
Screenshot with example

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Thank you very much @zayn

You really save my efforts and time! :blush: