What's the correct workflow to add a user, with permission to access common files?

I’m using pydio 8.0.2 on a Linux host.

I’m not sure I understand the user management model - it seems to require a lot of extra steps just to add a user and have that user be able to log in and access common files.

Here’s what I’m currently doing:

  1. Log in with admin acct
  2. Click on Address Book
  3. Click on My Users
  4. Click on +CREATE USER and add the user’s fields to create the user.
    – This creates the user, however the user is not in any team and cannot access any files, so I then:
  5. Click on my team under ‘My Teams’ (I only have one), click the Add User button, and select the new user from My Users to add them to the team
    – This adds the user to my team, however the user still cannot access any files, so I think I need to add it to a user group. However I can’t do this to the user group in the Address Book (under directory) - for some reason no users ever show up here, even though the group contains users in settings, and anyway there is no Add button when the group is selected, so I then:
  6. Click on Settings and then click on People under the Workspaces & Users section
  7. Drag the user from the top level to one of the Groups I’ve created
    – At this point I’d expect the user to have the Workspace access of the group which I’ve set to read/write for Common Fiels, however this isn’t true, if the user logs in they still cannot access files, so I then:
  8. Click on the user and under Workspace Acesses grant them individual read/write access to the workgroup (esp. Common Files).

All this seems like a lot of work to just create a user and give them access! Am I doing it wrong or missing a more direct workflow? TIA.

Also two related questions: 1) what do workspace permissions on a group mean, if not that users in that group are granted those permissions? 2) is there a place to give a user permission to adminstrate other users and workspaces? I would like to have my regular ‘user’ account do this so I don’t have to log out & log in as admin.


i’m going to make a picture with the steps for you

in my example i show you how to edit, i’m pointing to a group but it works the same way.

if you have more questions i’ll be glad to answer.

zayn thank you for answering, but this approach does not provide the workflow I’m asking about. Aside from the general usability issue of having two ways to add a user that work differently (via Address Book or via Settings), the method you show does not provide the important features of the other way such as setting user full name, sending notification email, etc. - so your way actually requires more steps!

Please check out screenshots - when you add via Address Book you at least can set several fields on the user, when you add via settings these features do not appear.

Here’s the address book method:

maybe i did not specify this or wasn’t clear about it but you can do as the following and have access to everything about the user such as rights/parameters etc…

as for the adding users to access common files you can create a role that will auto apply to every user that you create and they will have access to that workspace.