Access to workspace

Hi community
(pydio 8 on debian 8)

Each time I created a workspace, I assigned a specific role in order to restrict the access. But, 1 or 2 months later I have forgotten who has access to the workspace.

I would like to know if a functionnality is abble to display the list of people which access to the workspace.

There’s a section : “Users” inside of the workspace and it specifie internal users and external users but not the name of the users.


there is no feature that will give you that,
you can only get the number of user accessing the workspace, but usually you should manage the access to the workspaces through groups which will enable you to get a better control over it, you can choose who will keep access, who can only read/edit etc…

Hi Community,

That will be very interested to have this functionality.

Thanks for reply.