Upload Files via Cells API



What API method(s) allows you to upload a file(s) to a workspace. I’m unable to find any that referenced uploading files or viewing files. I can see many that allow you to view workspaces/directories but none that allow you to upload files to those workspaces:


I feel like I am needing to utilize the TreeService API methods however I’m still at a loss. The description of the ‘/tree/admin/list’ says that it “List files and folders starting at the root (first level lists the datasources)”.

Each time I make a call all I get back are the data sources and their immediate children. I never get any files to appear in the list. I can see when logging into the demo using the admin user that there are plenty of files in the personal workspace which has a workspace root of my-files and is stored in the datasource called ‘personal’ however I am still unable to get a list of files returned.

The body and parameters I am submitting are:
“Ancestors”: true,
“Limit”: 0,
“Node”: {
“Mode”: 0,
“Path”: “personal”
“Offset”: 0,
“Recursive”: true

What am I missing? All my work here is in attempts to learn how to use the API to look for and upload files however I am not able to figure this out. If anyone could point me to more robust documentation that would be nice as well. The only documentation I can find is located at this link and it is severely limited.



to upload files you must use s3 api, you can find the informations over here:


Thank you. Finally getting back to working in Pydio. For others who may find the information useful In Postman I used these settings to pull back information contained in a file I placed into the Personal Files workspace on the demo.pydio.com server.

GET https://demo.pydio.com/io/personal-files/[my-file.txt]

Authorization: AWS Signature
AccessKey: Token returned when using OpenID Connect. The “id_token” contained in the body.
SecretKey: The demo uses the key: ‘gatewaysecret’

Advanced Options:
AWS Region: Default is ‘us-east-1’. I didn’t have to enter anything here but it still worked when I set it to ‘us-west-1’.
Service Name: ‘s3’ - I found that this is Required
Session Token: I left this blank.