Pydio Cells API - Where are file operation calls?

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I am scheduled to migrate from a legacy Pydio v8 to Pydio Cells 2 Enterprise server early this year. I currently use the Pydio v8 API to upload and move files around in workspaces.

When I refer to the official API doc:

I am not seeing any mention of file operations at all. I’ve clicked through dozens of links. The closest thing is in the Tree Service, where a POST call can be used to create empty files.

Can someone direct me to what official doc I should be reading? I hope I am just missing missing something obvious! This will be a huge problem if file operations just aren’t their any longer.

Hello @zolointo,

If you are a customer, Would you mind opening a support ticket that way we can help you.

Thanks for your response, zayn. I will see if my support person can submit a support ticket on my behalf.

Some feedback from a new v8 -> Cells 2 user in the meantime which may or may not help identify/clarify documentation gaps.

When searching for additional answers, I first came across your response here:

Where you answered with “use s3 api” and a link to a non-existent page (perhaps newly non-existent?). The responses to your post more or less indicate the same surprise at the lack of documentation and direction.

Looking for the resource I thought you were trying to link to, I found:

But this has the similar brief “can be accessed by any tool that communicates using Amazon S3 protocol”. I can’t be sure if a clearer statement around setting this up is warranted.

After a few searches against the KB, I found that the file upload/download isn’t part of the Pydio API. There is the briefest mention of “The leaf folder is exposed as an Amazon S3 bucket” here:

The closest thing to an answer I can find is this

… but even here it grazes the question and more or less leaves it to the user to figure out. Based on my lack of experience, I don’t know if this was warranted or not.

I now see that the cec binary has move/add/delete file commands in it.

In conclusion, would you say that the current official docs are saying when it comes to file operations:

  • use the supplied cec binary
  • otherwise, you could use the S3 interface, but we offer no support for this solution

Not trying to be critical, but am trying to get the gist of what the official direction is meant to read like.

Thanks kindly for your attention, and best regards!

Hello @zolointo ,

indeed the link that I provided is not working (each time we add big features we re organize the documentation and it so happens that we also moved/changed this page), nonetheless I agree that we lack common easy to understand examples (detailing how to use) of clients to perform an upload/download.

We have the following page that shows a simple operation (on the bottom of the page s3 Call),

Yes exactly, the cells-client makes use of the aws-sdk-go library which has the s3 get/put objects methods, that is for the scp command that allows to upload/download,
the move, remove, copy commands are using our sdk GitHub - pydio/cells-sdk-go: Golang client for Pydio Cells rest API..

I greatly appreciate your detailed feedback, it helps us see what is lacking and what we should enhance.

By the way, a big rework (new big feature incoming) of the documentation is going to be done in the next couple of month and I believe that we could enhance the part about the consumer examples.

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Thanks again for the quick response!

I re-read the S3 Call example in the ‘dev-guide/using-postman’ doc, and noticed that I hadn’t followed it exactly, specifically about changing the Postman -> Authorization -> Type setting to ‘AWS Signature’. I figured I had skimmed over something obvious, so my apologies for that.

I’m now able to recreate the results of that test on my local server now.

Marked as Resolved.

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