Cells and sFTP / FTP


I am actually trying to find clues in the documentation in order to upload from a standard website to a Cells workspace. As i want to upload files from a website to a Cells workspace, I could still make an iframe of Cells workspace deposit (drag & drop) but i don’t want to show files that are currently stored inside to anonymous user.

I can find infos about Pydio8 and the sFTP / FTP service, but what about Cells ?
Is there a possibility to use iframe function, and not showing current stored files of that workspace ? So only admin or specific users could see them ?

Thanks a lot !

Little Update :

  • Tested with SCP : depositing a PDF file on a folder inside a cells (stored inside .config folder) doesn’t recognize the file inside Cells website.
  • The website says there is a possibility to use sFTP, In-depth integration part (isn’t marked as “*”) : https://pydio.com/en/features

But I can’t find documentation about this for Cells, only Pydio 8 …
Feels like i missed something around.