[Solved]Pydio Cells REST API Adding Files

I can only find adding blank files using the REST API,
how do I add a file from … lets say my desktop to a Pydio Cell?
[realized I have to use S3 API or alternative to move or copy files to the cell]

I guess you are looking for the cells-client :slight_smile: https://github.com/pydio/cells-client

Hey Dustin, I’m also trying to add files through the REST API. I have already succeeded in creating cells and empty folders too. I don’t see any S3 API in the API docs. Can you explain how you used the S3 API please? Thank you!

You don’t see S3 API in the docs? :slight_smile:

and for an example with Postman (end of the page)


Thanks charles!

I looked at the Packagist aws/aws-sdk-php and this appears to be limited to connecting to AWS only. There are libraries that seem to allow connection to other servers, and many of these seem to be deprecated.

Can you recommend an S3 client library for PHP?

aws stuff is generally very well coded and maintained
have a look at our old php code, we used that lib for connecting to any S3-compatible storage