Suggestion: consolidate S3 API information in the same place


Hi devs :slight_smile: (or perhaps technical writers…)

I’ve been trying to figure out how exactly the Pydio Cells S3 API works. The information on the Main API page is really very minimalistic; it’s not even clear if the section for Node paths applies to both REST & S3 APIs or not — since the examples use the REST API.

Fortunately, thanks to an article written by @charles, I got the hint to read the documentation for using Postman. I had used Postman before, but only for the REST API; I missed the S3 Call section on the instructions about using Postman.

Searching for “S3” on the online documentation provides 72 results (at the time of writing), most of which are

  1. related to adding S3 storage to Cells; or
  2. outdated documentation for Pydio Server.

Obviously, if I had read all 72 articles in that search, I would eventually stumble upon the same information, but I think you agree that it would have been far easier to add the relevant table and comments from the Postman page to the Main APIs Presentation page, or — possibly even better! — create a new page just for the S3 API, and link to it from the other pages.

Thanks in advance!