Document update request


Hey, first I want to say thanks for some pretty good and comprehensive documentation, especially regarding using Postman to talk to the Pydio API. I’d appreciate if you could make some improvements so others may not have the same struggles I had.

  1. The written portions of the documentation sometimes use URLs that are different from those displayed in the attached images. For example, in the “Using Postman”->“API Call” section you use a/tree/stats to get a path list, and in the image you use a/meta/bulk/get. It would be helpful to keep these harmonized, or at least explain the difference. This is just one example where this occurs in your documentation.

  2. The S3 explanation in that same page is very good, and it is missing one crucial step. It took me a bit of googling, and I actually found the answer to the problem here on this forum at: Pydio Cells API file upload?

The user who posted the above solved the issue and posted the solution, yet the documentation was not updated to reflect this. Please update the S3 documentation to include the Authorization > AWS Signature > Advanced > Service Name = s3, as this is a necessary setting to make any of this work.




I’ll update the screenshot, to have the same endpoint presented.

I’ll add a hint to reflect this.


I’ve updated to doc en the site (sorry for the delay).