Subdirectory cells/workspace for a specific user : 404 not found path is not readable

I have a “Common” workspace on a AWS storage.
I want to share “Common/foobar” (in read-only) with only one external user (which would not have access to other Common/* subdirectories.

  1. I tried to create a workspace pointing to this subdirectory.
  2. I tried to create a cells for this subdirectory using the contextual menu

But none of these solution worked.
The “foobar” directory is visible to this user (on the homepage or as a cells in the left sidebar) but when trying to access it, no content appears and the browser console (and pydio.log) say:

404 not found path is not readable

For the admin (this cell is also shared with), no problem: admin can browse that cell.

Got it. The problem was I had denied the access to the parent Common directory to that user.

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