Simple folder access use case - Cannot make it work


Hi all

Installed pydio cells for evaluation and I cannot make a simple file permission use case work, I must be misunderstanding the concepts.

Logged as admin, I have created a File System workspace, two groups (A and B) and two users (user X and user Y), user X is in group A and user Y is in group B.
Both users have read access to the workspace.

I have created two folders in the workspace and I cannot find or understand how you would allow access to one folder to group A and deny it to group B and vice-versa for the other folder.
File permission dialog on the folders only allow to change the access mask (rwx) but not the owner or group itself.

How do you make this simple use case work in pydio ?

Thank you


the enterprise edition offers the micromanagement feature for folders inside workspaces,
for your case, with the home edition you would have to create 2 different workspaces.

here’s how it looks like in the enterprise edition


Thank you for the information