Could not find Datasources

I am trying to add a local directory from the server to Pydio Cells.

For that I add a storage and a workspace but when I try to access the workspace I have the error "could not find datasource "


I have a Cocker pydio/cells
I’m in Pydio cells Home edition 1.4.1

Hi @dikdableu and welcome on the forum!
Can you tell us more about how you configured this datasource? Did you see any errors in the logs when you restart cells ?


Thanks you for your reply. I’ve just “Could not find datasources”.

I created a shared volume between the containers. I then created a datasources with these volumes. I gave the rights to Cells RWX on the directory and I assigned it to the www-data user and the root group.
I then created a workspace with my datasources.

The shared volume may be seen as a network volume inside the docker - Can you try to create a datasource on a subfolder of the volume?

Yes the folder is named /library/movies and another /library/series

And just to be certain, the user that starts Pydio has write access on folder /library ?

How can i know the user used by Pydio ?

it’s the user that runs (./cells start) the binary ( or service if you are using systemd and such, you define it in the the service config file).

the user who starts ./Cell is root. But root have all access to /library folder

we suggest you to use a dedicated user for cells, (nonetheless do not forget to create the folder where you want your datasource as the dedicated user).