Hide all workspaces and show only shared cells


Is there a way to hide all workspace and show only the Cells shared with the group? I’ve setup a groups in which user A has Read/Write access to workspace1 and its sub-folders and user B has Read only access to workspace1. Assuming workspace1 have 3 sub-folders namely W1, W2, W3. Only W1 will be shared as a cell with user B and W2 and W3 shouldn’t be accessible with user B. Is there a way to do it? Because from my setup I’ve noticed that if I remove the Read access from the workspace, Cells will still be visible but the contents are not and it throws a 403 Error : Path is not readable. If I enable the read access on that workspace, I will be able to view the file but I can then access the other sub-folders which I should not.

Folders were structured like this

├── W1
│ ├── file1.pdf
│ ├── file2.pdf
│ └── file3.png
├── W2
│ ├── file1.pdf
│ └── file2.png
├── W3
│ ├── file1.pdf
│ └── file2.png

I am using Cells Home 3.0.9. Thank you in advance.

You can use an administrator account then:

  • Create a cells (on workspace1) and allow RW access to userA (or to a group of user)
  • Create a cells (on workspace1/W1) then allow R access to user B (or to a group of user)

For granular access right assignment, please upgrade to Enterprise version :wink:

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