Cells - can`t access NFS mount

Hey guys,

so i ve set up my cells installation and after the initial installation seemed to work fine, i started to play around with the storage settings. What i want to achieve is the following:

I have a NFS share mounted at /home/pydio/data and i want to set up this directory as a storage path within cells and set up my workspace on top of that.
The problem is, when i do what i just described i only get a loading circle in the cells web frontend and can`t access the storage path nor create any folder or get access to the files already stored in there.

Even when the mounted nfs share is totally empty i can`t access it from the cells web frontend.
As sson as i set up a regular folder from the filesystem, everything is working properly.
And idead what could cause this, cause in pydio8 this was working pretty fine.

Thank you in advance for your help.