[solved] Users are not showing up on file share

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I have recently installed Pydio 4.3.6 on Rocky Linux 9. I am new to Pydio and was playing with it, and it took me a while to familiarize myself.

I created Users and Groups through the cells console and added users to certain groups. I have created some files to share with users, but unfortunately, only groups showed up on the list I couldn’t see the users I have created from another user that I have created using an admin account.

But all users does show up when I try to share files from the admin user. is there anything I am missing?

Hello @Amanuel_Elhanan
Thanks for posting
There are two levels of users :

  • The “standard” users are created from the Cells Console and should be seen by all other standard users
  • The External Users (profile “shared”) are created by standard users (via their Address Book), and by default they are visible only to their “owner” (the user who created them).

What you describe looks like you are handling external users, it is the case?


@charles thank you for replying,
I have created it as shared first and then changed it to standard for each individual.

I have two users created as standard from the admin account,
1. Andualem
2. Kidist
now when the first user wants to share a file from Personal Files with the second user (Kidist), the user is not being listed or show up, instead groups are visible and can be shared too

I have created it as shared first and then changed it to standard for each individual.

this explains the behavior. Along with profiles some advanced security rules are attached to each users. You can change them by going to the “visibility” tab in the adress book, but frankly the simplest way would be to recreate the user from the Console directly.

@charles thank you so much now it works.

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