Pydio 8.2.3 | Hide users from other groups on share tab



I have 3 groups, containing an individual amount of users.

Actually it is possible to hide the workspaces for each group, so that each group got an own workspace. But if you open the share tab, it is possible that “group 1” can “browse and/or share” to an foreign user/group (“group2” or “group3”).

Is it possible that I can prevent users from group 1 to browse/share group 2, while still possible to share to users of group 3?

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For you first question,

Yes you can control that by modifying the rights for Workspaces access tab in each group that you want, just make sure that by default they have nothing checked in the role Root Group (this group is applied to all Pydio user’s).

To resume your request you want groups to not be able to see each other in the address book (but not for all groups).
Unfortunately this is not possible, you can either have all groups displayed in the address book or none.