All shared cells are not visible

We have created a couple cells for our customers but as admins we can see only a few in the left side for some reason. The cells are created but not visible in the list at the left side.

Anyone about this? I am an admin I created couple of cells and only a few are visible in the left side. Guys it’s too weird and generally it has a kind of unstable behavior the whole pydio

if i can resume your case, you have different users that are creating cells, but you as an admin only see a portion?

Initially I had different users which is normal that I wasn’t able to see them if they don’t add me as user I suppose.

But right now every cell is created through admin and we add a group (which includes internal people) which is attached to every cell. Even with this we can’t see as admin or as members of the group all the cells but some of them even if they exist.

It seems that it’s kind of a hard limit to show 20 items in the left side together with workspaces + cells.