[SOLVED] Shared link : blank page

Hey there,

I’m running Pydio 8.2.3 on an online server ( mutualised debian server ).

I’m having trouble with sharing my content in public.
I’m having a blank page like this one : ***

I searched a while but I don’t get it, here is what I did :

  • permissions 777 for folder /data/public/
  • RewriteRules correctly working

I guess it’s a problem of access, but I don’t get it because folder right is set to 777.

Thanks !

What’s config in Settings >> Main option page?
And please post your .htaccess as well

Hey there !

Thanks a lot for your help again.

Hey all,

Need this fonctionnality… so up the subject :confused:

Try to rename /data/public to /data/public.bk

If it does not work, please try to set “URL de télécharement” : https://cloud.lemaire.email/public

Do you have specific config for /public in apache conf ?

Hey c12simple,

Thanks again for your help.
This doesn’t work, still a blank page.

In the folder : /data/public is there supposed to be files ?
Because there is nothing expect index.html

I didn’t set a specific configuration for apache ( and don’t know how to do ), can you explain me how I can check if there is something configured by default ?



It was a folder of old version Pydio (5, 6) and no longer necessary in latest version. The uri /public is routed in code PHP. There is possibility of configuration where /public is point to a physical path (such as /data/public) and it will override the route in PHP. So the request /public instead of going to php file, it is routed to “public” folder.

In apache configuration,

AllowOverride Limit FileInfo

is required


Okay, after some search it appear that I’m on nginx. I didn’t know :confused:
That’s why .htaccess doesn’t work.

I can’t switch to apache…
Can you tell me the configuration I have to put in nginx ?



Try this config https://github.com/pydio/pydio-core/blob/develop/core/src/nginx.conf.sample

Hey !

Good news !
The problem was with my hosting : the nginx conf file was not defined by default.
I contacted them and they changed that : all is working perfectly now.

Thanks c12simple for all your help !