[Resolved] - Share link lead to a blank page


Hi all

Maybe my question is still on the forum but I havn’t found it.

Actually my issue is simple.
With the last version of pydio, when I want to share a file or a folder, the public link that I get is not working.
I do have a blank page instead of having the file share page.

Any help ?


Antoine soubigou


could you tell me your installation method, did you enable the rewrite rules etc…,
and also could you give me your webserver, php, mysql.


i saw your reply i will see what’s the issue.


Is it possible to update php to atleast the version 7, 7.2 would be nice too .



PHP upgrade done to 7.2

Here is a shared folder for instance : https://fichiers.grobigou.fr/public/31dfe9

What is strange is that for the root service i’m using https.
And the shared folder is only http.



Ok I have corrected it !

That was the issue.

My Pydio server is on “https”.
I have forgotten to specify that into the shared parameters.

Now, it is working :smile:

Thanks !