Pydio 8 - Public Links

Does anyone actually have this working. There is so much old information out there, seems pydio change this stuff every release, can’t even find any current documentation for current clean install of version 8, on pydio’s own website ! couldn’t even sign up for this board to post a question, except linked through my old/hacked GitHub account.

Is version 8 really just like a development preview, it should be very simple to have a public link to a file, i mean this is really basic stuff. Does anyone know which version to downgrade to, that public links work for and has documentation available for ?

if you have a fresh Pydio 8 install public links should work immediately, did you enable everything ( such as output_buffering, rewrite rules etc…)
As for the doc there’s the Pydio 7 doc and the Pydio 8 so sometimes it can be confusing(it’s more or less the same) it all depends on if you have set everything up well.

I have output_buffering set to 0, and rewrite rules all enabled. All other features work.
It seems to be rewrite related, I just get a 404 file not found when trying to open a shared link.

Are you sure that in the web server config the parameter AllowOverride all is set for the pydio directory ?
To be honest it should be sufficient: AllowOverride FileInfo

Failing to have set that parameter makes completely useless to have enabled mod_rewrite.
(assuming that you are running on apache web server)

Yes it’s definitely got mod_rewrite and AllowOverride set. I even removed it to be sure, which disables lots of features.

the public link is in this format - do you know if correct: http://SERVER/pydio/public/a84fbe


I ended up wiping the install of Pydio (it was installed from ubuntu packages), and reinstalled manually instead from zip, and now everything is good. I’m not sure what the issue was, I checked all permissions and it couldn’t have been php or apache, but either way i’m all set now.

Thanks for your help.

Happy to know that you have solved.