Pydio 8.2.5 running on ubuntu 18.04 Blank Public Shares. Apache Webserver

I’m trying to share a folder with an external user via a public link however the link is coming up blank. No page is showing at all, just a blank white page.

I have confirmed everything I’ve found online to be accurate. No folders named public in pydio folder which would cause the links to not resolve to the index.php file. Parameters appear to be correct.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

This is running as virtual host on a server containing our invoice application as well. That software works perfect.

Please see the below config information.

Install location is /usr/share/pydio

Client : Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36
Crypto Extension Detected : OpenSSL
Command Line Available : Yes
DOM Enabled : Yes
Exif Enabled : Yes
GD Enabled : Yes
Upload Max Size : 10G
Memory Limit : 128M
Max execution time : 30
Safe Mode : 0
Safe Mode GID : 0
Xml parser enabled : 1
Server OS : Linux
Session Save Path : /var/lib/php/sessions
Session Save Path Writeable : Yes
PHP Version : 7.2.24-0ubuntu0.18.04.6
Locale : C
Directory Separator : /
PHP Opcode Cache extension loaded : Yes
PHP INTL extension loaded : Yes
PHP Output Buffer disabled : No
PHP File Uploads enabled : Yes
Magic quotes disabled : Yes
Upload Tmp Dir Writeable : Yes
PHP Upload Max Size : 10737418240
PHP Post Max Size : 10737418240
Users enabled : Yes
Guest enabled : No

Logs confirm External user login is successful.

Please make sure that rewrite apache module is activated

I have confirmed it is active. Issue persists

Do you have this file in the root path of pydio?