SMB CIFS & NFS Mounts to Pydio Cells Community Edition

I’m not understanding the process to mount a remote NAS share to Pydio Cells CE for testing.

I have a Synology NAS share I would like to mount as a Workspace for 1 user to test with R/W permissions.

I’ve enabled NFS, SMB and CIFS on the NAS and added the NFS IP to the Synology of the host running Pydio Cells CE in Docker.

When I try to add the workspace it appears Pydio is listing only the containers directory filesystem.

How do I get the Pydio container to see the remote filesystem to add the path of the shares?

Do I need to mount the volume in the Docker container first?
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Do I need to mount the volume in the Docker container first?


As explained in post #2843 (I answered there before getting to the current post):

In a few bullet points:

  • Create and configure your NFS share
  • Mount it in your docker host, typically at /mnt/nfs1
  • Add this volume to Cells container volume list, e.g:
            - cells_working_dir:/var/cells
            - cells_logs:/var/cells/logs
            - /mnt/nfs1:/data
  • Launch your docker setup and configure Cells
  • Create a new datasource that points toward /data/dss/datasource1

For the record the dss folder level (not its name) is compulsory for the datasource to be correctly configured.

If you want to define more than one data source at this location, it is better to have also the second level, so that you can easily configure it at /data/dss/datasource2

Please refer to our admin doc if you want / need deeper understanding of the what and why.



Noted on the archive post. But reading through documentation, if you mount a NFS will the data there remain as flat storage untouched and modified by Pydio but accessible from within the Pydio environment, or does Pydio require a separate NFS/SMB mount just for itself and minio style filesystem?

We’re looking to use it as a google docs replacement where users can access and edit documents using Collabra off the NAS all from within Pydio and then also have those documents there in mounted drive storage when they are back in the office working in Office.

Ok, so we have been trying on and off over the past few weeks in our spare time to get this to work…

We’ve been able to successfully create a NFS share on our NAS and mount it to everything expect Pydio.

NFS location is at x.x.x.x/volume1/nfs-share

We are not sure if we are doing it one of these two ways correctly.

  1. Creating a Portainer volume mounting the NFS share in Portainer then adding the containing bind mount point to the Pydio stack of the volume or
  2. Mounting the NFS share directly to the host OS then adding that mount point to the stack.

We prefer to use method 1 as it offers the most flexibility to use these NFS shares on other containers as well easily within the Portainer environments.

We then go to Pydio add a storage space and we see /mnt/nfs-share as the option but it errors out.