Help with Persistent Install Data and NFS in Docker Swarm

Hello, I’m having a heck of a time trying to get persistent data for the install. When I take the stack down and bring it back up I always end up back at the installation screen. I’ve tried various combinations of named volumes, but, none work long term.

I get one error during installation, nothing negative in the logs to correspond with this message in the front end. Otherwise, it appears that the installation is successful.

Here’s a link to my yml file:

Anyone using Docker have named volumes working?

I also have a very difficult time adding a data source for an NFS mount that already has files. My hardware may be the limiting factor during indexing, but, I can’t tell for sure. All I get is a timeout and data source not found error in the logs.

Any thoughts appreciated.

@zayn can you have a look at this please ? Docker stuff…