How to convert Ajaxplorer to Pydio cell or Pydio 8?

We are using ajaxplorer Version 5.0.0 - 2013-06-02 as our DMS application and now planning to changed/upgrade it to Pydio cell(latest version) or Pydio8.
I have understood all steps of installation for Pydio cell for both Home and Enterprise edition in windows and Linux, but there is no other difference I’m getting between Home edition and Enterprise edition except that enterprise edition is a paid version.

Can any one explain " What is the exact difference between Pydio cell Home edition and Enterprise edition?
I have some other query regarding the same topic. Please find them below:

  1. As pydio cell version is made up of go programming then for interface purpose PHP language is compulsory to install?
  2. Is Pydio enterprise edition price vary based on total number of users?
  3. How many users can be added for Pydio Home edition as it is a free version?
  4. Do we get support for Pydio cell Home edition or even for the older version like ajaxplorer/Pydio community edition 5.2.0 further from you, if any issue occurred in future?
  5. What is the difference between features available in Pydio cell’s Home edition and Enterprise edition?

Please help!
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Hello Donika,

Shortly because this information is already widely available in the doc and the forum, see my answer inline:

Nope. Pydio Cells does not use PHP anynmore

Yes the price of the licence depends of the number of users in your user directory

How many as you want, if you have a very large family…

We only offer direct support for Cells Enterprise distribution, (and Pydio 8 until end of life that comes soon). You can otherwise ask your question here.

Home is kindly provided to the community, mainly for “Home” purposes. All business oriented features are in the ED, for instance:

  • support for external user directories
  • finer audit and contol policies for GDPR compliance
  • rebranding of the app, disclaimer …

I let you contact the Sales team if you have further question or want an estimate.

Hello Sir!

Thank you very much for your prompt response!

I have some other query regarding the same. Please help me with it. They are:

  1. For approximately 100 to 300 users can we use home edition as a community user? Is there any security issue in Home edition further while sharing our data? and
  2. If we use Enterprise edition for the same number of users, then what would be the cost of it?
  3. If we continue with ajaxplorer then do we get any technical/issue support further from pydio?
  4. What is the Hardware and Software requirement for both? (my referred link:
  5. And if hardware and software requirement are same for both edition it only differs in features utilization as you have explained above like GDPR, external user directories,etc?
  6. Can you help me with some kind of document/pdf with some difference between the home and enterprise edition from all perspective so I can explain my management team/ seniors about all steps of pydio from it’s purchasing price, features, installation process, how our ajaxplorer data is going to migrate to pydio cell, what is the mount process, etc?

Please help!

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Donika Patel

As you have contacted sales. I will continue answering by email

Hi Sir!

Please help me to get answer for above queries.

Mrs Patel

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