Pydio Cells, create Guest access

I made the installation of Pydio Cells in Ubuntu Server 18.04 and i just made all the necessary configuration but i cant find the way to create a guest user

Can some one help?

Hello @ruisimoes-rms and welcome.

Shortly said, If you just want to expose you have to documents, folder or more generally a subpart of your file repository, you have to create a cell. It is the new concept we have introduced when switching from the former ajaxplorer/pydio, and thus the name (a.k.a Pydio Cells).
You can then choose to expose that with or without password, for ever or a limited time / number of downloads, etc.

Please, precise your question if is this is not clear enough, and happy sharing.

Thanks in advanceā€¦

That is precisely what i need, like i have in my old pydio, have a workspace who can be accessed without password for ever, like a public workspace.