Send Unique files to many users at the same time on Pydio 8

Good Day

Im using Pydio 8 and I want to know if it is possible to Send Unique files to many users at the same time. Each user has his or her unique file.

Thanks for your help

Hello @prince ,

You can share a file with multiple users, but if they want to have their Own copy of the file they must then make a copy of the file inside one of their own Personal workspaces.
When you share a File you give them Read and/or Write access to that file.

Thank you zayn

I wanted to send unique files to more than 500 people. (more of batch sending)

You could put your users inside a group and then whenever you want to share to all of them you can just select the group and every user inside group will be added.

I have put them in a group, but i want each user to receive a file containing unique information which is specific to that user. The files are unique for each user, so sending manual to each user can be a lot of work since the users are too many.