Problem with cloud sharing

i am trying to share folder from one pydio instance to another.
i have different websites … and want to access all of them from one place.
the pydio cloud is enabled, i added the server in trusted servers… i shared the folder, send invitation, received but when i try to access it i get:

There was a problem trying to open folder pydio://user@ocs_remote_share_ID…, please check your Administrator

Can you tell me what can be the problem and are there any steps written for doing this.
i am using hosting and the version of pydio - is latest, just downloaded it…

still no update?

you cannot really share folders between multiple pydio instances,
you can create share links to the resources for other users (external),
the only way to share resources between multiple instances would be to have a common workspace being a remote storage (such as sftp, etc…) have each of the pydio instance connect to this workspace and they should all have access to the data inside this storage.

Perhaps, you need to purchase one big server and then host number of your websites on it. Then, you will be able to access all your data.
It looks like you have limited knowledge of server management. Maybe you need a server management service or taught yourself how to manage a server.