Pydio 8 Reverse proxy issue with sync

So, I have set up a reverse proxy for learning purposes and everything seams to work fine except sync, the setup is as following:

Windows server 1 :80 redirects to Windows server 1 :443

Widows server 1 :443 reverse proxy with included cert to Windows server 2 :80 with pydio, everything is accessible from browser just fine, uploading, downloading and sharing is fine.

When I try to setup sync with or without https I get “The server is unreachable.” message.

If you could tell me where logs are located I will search trough them and analyse them and maybe even provide something fun from it.

Pro tips?

EDIT: Sync client added https to the URL while I were typing it in, this caused the URL to be https://
not sure how this happened but editing out the last https:// changed the result and it’s now accessible just fine.

EDIT 2: If any one were wondering how sharing were fixed, I had to set server URL to https:// instead of automatic http since Sever two is connecting trough http. (default setup were auto http as reverse proxy https goes trough http).


Did you config rewrite rules on Windows Server 1? if no, please use template (web.config) file in the root of Pydio.

Pydio sync will connect to Pydio server via rest api, so try to access to https://domain/api/0/ls (for example) with webbrowser to make sure that api endpoint is working correctly.

Well, it were basically a config issue as mentioned above and this got solved before you answered, see “Edit 2” for details about how I solved the issue. After that edit it works just fine. Thanks!