Pydio Sync Client Error 403, Pydio 8.0.2

After the upgrade from 5.6 to 8.0.2 the sync client (1.29, Windows x64) stopped working. I can’t even add the pydio Server to the client (unknown/wrong credentials).

I checked: runttests.php - no issues
I did a /api/my-files/ls - no issues

Then I fired up wireshark and analyzed the http traffic from my client to the server and found:

Client Request:
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
GET /api/pydio/state/plugins?format=json HTTP/1.1\r\n
[Expert Info (Chat/Sequence): GET /api/pydio/state/plugins?format=json HTTP/1.1\r\n]
Request Method: GET
Request URI: /api/pydio/state/plugins?format=json
Request Version: HTTP/1.1
Host: FQDN\r\n
Connection: keep-alive\r\n
Accept: /\r\n
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate\r\n
Authorization: Basic asdf\r\n
Credentials: asdf:asdf
User-Agent: python-requests/2.5.1 CPython/2.7.10 Windows/7\r\n
[Full request URI: FQDN/api/pydio/state/plugins?format=json]
[HTTP request 1/1]
[Response in frame: 511]

Server response
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden\r\n
[Expert Info (Chat/Sequence): HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden\r\n]
Request Version: HTTP/1.1
Status Code: 403
Response Phrase: Forbidden

When I open FQDN/api/pydio/state/plugins?format=json in my browser, I get prompted for credentials and afterward the page loads just fine.

When I open user:password@FQDN/api/pydio/state/plugins?format=json the page loads directly (as it should).

Any suggestions what I might be missing would be greatly appreciated.


PS: I removed all Domains and http from the links due to new user limitation

could you try to clear the cache located in pydio/data/cache and remove all the plugins_ files,
you can also try to reinstall the sync client if any of the above was of any use, i will ask the devs if they have an idea.

Hi zayn

Thanks for the reply. I cleared the files in data/cache/ which resulted in a “Welcome to Pydio Install” wizard, instead of the regular site - good thing I took a backup. If someone else is trying this solution attempt: Just delete the *.ser files or leave at least the first_run_passed & admin_counted files to keep the system running.

I can’t find any files nor folders called plugins_ on my server.

[~/public_html/_clippings]# find ./ -type d -name plugins_

I installed the client on various PCs and also tried older versions - same result.

Thanks for the help, I’ll keep this thread updated.

it is really weird that after you cleared the cache it showed you the install wizard as the cache and the wizard are not even remotely related, usually the cache can also be cleared via the interface on the plugins menu.

if you remove the first_run_passed it will trigger the install wizard.

Nevermind, it looks like just a missunderstanding. I understood that I’ll have to clear the files in the cache folder not just the ones starting with “plugins_”. Nevertheless, I couldn’t fix my Issue by clearing the cached “plugins_*” files.

sorry if i wasn’t clear enough