Pydio works on browser and Android but not on Windows

Hi there folks!

I have installed Pydio on a shared server and via my Firefox it all is working fine. When connecting with the Android App to the Pydio, all works fine as well.

But creating a connection from my Windows Laptop using the Dekstop App, it is not working. I get a “error during connecting to XXX server not found 404 is it up and Pydio installed?”

I do have HTTP and not HTTPS but am the password/user/servername are correct.

Reasonably there is an issue with .htaccess files and rewrite urls in your server.
Please check the .htaccess and also that for the directory in which pydio is installed the AllowOverride All parameter is set in the website configuration file

Have a look here:

SOunds like solid advice but being on a shared server, it does not let me access that file in that directory or something like that. I am not that savvy to know more about this but I can really only have them add something per domain but apparantly not via Apache. Because of the shared server…
Any other solution?

If nobody can change that setting in apache per domain or per directory there is very little you can do …

you can use .htaccess files to do it if you don’t have access to your webserver’s files.

No if the webserver configuration doesn’t allow .htaccess OverRide
Also I wonder if mod_rewrite is enabled on that web server…

pydio installation is easy but it requires a little bit of control over the webserver config, otherwise a lot of stuff will not work as intended, like for example pydio sync, collabora, lucene indexer, webdav shared folders, api calls…

The requisites are very well specified in the documentation, if you cannot satisfy the requirements then pydio cannot be installed.
I strongly suggest our friend to contact the sysadmin of that server and ask to enable mod rewrite and AllowOverride for the vps in which pydio is installed.
Any sysadmin who want to be called in that way should be able to do that. :slight_smile:

Btw not having .htaccess enabled could bring, depending on webserver settings, to disclosure of informations.
The data directory could be browseable if the .htaccess directive “deny from all” present in the directory will not be enforced and instead a MultiView is enabled for that directory.