Problem with SSL in Sync Pydio

Hello Friends,

I have a problem that is simple for you to solve. But I searched and did not find it.
It must be because my English is flawed.

When I try to connect to a remote computer with the error sync pydio both at https and http.

Error while trying to connect to :
Error while parsing request result:This is experimental! You must set an API KEY & SECRET to enable Basic Http Auth

Error while trying to connect to :
An SSL error happened! Is your server using a self-signed certificate? In that case please check ‘Trust SSL certificate’

Where can I put this information that the program is requesting?

Thank you,

is your server under a certificate or not, when you usually connect to it do use http://<> or https://<>,
for the https://<> case, i will show a screenshot and give you an explanation .

the first time you put your https://<>, then your login & password and connect it will give you this error :

you will then see a box that you can tick ( it will appear somewhere in the red area as seen in the screenshot )
so that sync can trust the certificate.