Possible to Set 'External Window' as Default Open Option?

  • Pydio 8

Is it possible to set External Window as the default open type for certain file types? Chrome natively handles pdf files very well, so I’d like to open externally by default when clicking my file.

i will see if you can change the default open option for a certain type of files and hit you up if i gather good information, i know for a fact that you can right click external but i believe you are looking at the double click on file into external window.

Exactly, let me know what you find :slight_smile:

Have you found any answers if I’m able to open external window by default?

so to enable that go to the following settings:
All Plugins > Available Plugins > Editors and then go to the settings of the External Window plugin,
change the open documents to Browser tab,

then for instance if you want the PDF files to be opened with the browser also disable PDF viewer plugin,

Finally clear the cache, rm -rf <your-pydio>/data/cache/plugins_* and also rm -rf <your-pydio>/data/cache/i18n/*.

Then go back to the workspace, right click one of the PDF files, go to View/Edit > Choose other… and select External Window, now when you double click to open a PDF file it should open a browser tab with the browser document viewer.

This doesn’t work. Again, I tried creating a thread about why this doesn’t work but nobody can solve it.

Please take a look at this…

Did you do exactly what i said,

  • disable the plugin of the type of document that you want to have on your browser tab(pdf for instance),
  • set open documents to browser tab,
  • clear cache (both ways that i gave you),
  • (i did no put this step previously but you can try to clear he browser’s cache)
  • go back to the workspace and right click the document, View/Edit -> Choose Oher -> External Window
  • then when you double click it should open a tab,

edit: i will ask the dev what causes the blank window

Yes I did exactly what you said, and it would work perfectly but this blank window appears to be resetting the most recent open type

ok thank you,
i will ask the devs about the issue.

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Hey Zayn, have you heard any results yet?

Hey man, still waiting…

sorry our dev team was on hold for a week, there was christmas and the new year,
i will re ask about the issue.

Have any of the devs responded? I’m pretty much ready to ditch this software if there is no support for existing bugs

I think that as long as it’s a format that pydio supports it will always try to open it itself and that’s why you always had to open manually with an external window, about the blank window, it it’s a bit weird but it’s because pydio opened a file and therefore he will open a window but because you chose the external window it’s blank(it can be minimalized but it will not be the default option) there might be a way if you modify the code to enforce that even if pydio has the ability to open the file it will only open it with an external window.

sorry if i send this message late,
but it seems that on firefox the option works well but on chrome it seems to not work totally.