External Window also Opening Blank Window

No matter the file type that I select to open with “external window”, the file properly opens in a new tab but a blank internal window also opens over top the workplace in the Pydio tab. This is quite a nuisance and also resets the ‘default’ open option. I want all files to open on external windows but since this blank window pops up, Pydio attempts to open that file type with whatever that blank window is.


Did you enable any editor plugins ?

I tinkered with them a bit. Most editors are disabled, except for

  • Audio Player
  • Sound Player
  • External Window
  • Info Panel
  • Image Viewer
  • Image Magick
  • Map Viewer
  • Source Viewer
  • EXIF Extractor
  • Video Player

After fixing X-Frame-Option: sameorigin
I think it will work

The issue persists :confused: I believe it may be due to the “Document Reader” plugin since it shows as the most recent view method, and I am still unable to open office files (powerpoint, excel), but the thumbnails are being generated for everything


For office file such as ppt, excel, you shout install zoho or collabora plugin.
Can you open .txt file ?

Yes, .txt files work.
When I disable Image Magick in the editors, it removes “Document Reader” from the view options, but of course that removes the ability to generate thumbnails. I have this problem with image files too, if I open the file externally, a blank white page also opens in pydio

Here is a demonstration: https://gyazo.com/b10072b9611f4321b29a4ae74db499b6

Bump? My issue still persists :frowning:

I’ve discovered this problem happens only when External Window editor is set to open “In browser”, as compared to “In application”. This problem is also still in Cells. It was never fixed.