View HTML not as code


Right now when I double click on an .html file in pydio it views the html coding. Can I change this default setting to actually show the design view? I know if you click preview>external window, it shows the design view but I want to make it so when you double click the file it automatically does that.

I also tried this: under editors I turned off Source Viewer. But when I do that and now double click the html file the window shows this error: [] is not a valid API key

I see its because now its trying to open the file as collaborative editor. All I want to do is make External window as the default way to open the file. I see it is below collaborative editor on the view panel.

you can clear the default editor by clicking on choose other and then you will have a clear associations button after that just click once on the editor that you want to be the default one and it should do the trick.

When I do that, External Window doesn’t stay as a default. When I clear associations and then click on something else like image preview that stays as default but it doesn’t work with External Window. I am also looking for a way to make the external window the default for every guest and user. I don’t want to have to tell each user to follow steps. I just want it to automatically do this.

the external window is not really and eidtor that’s why it doesn’t stay by default, whenever you put a file that has a type such as .html pydio will then use the corresponding plugin to display that and that for every type that we can handle.
But the external window is here only for specific cases such as documents otherwise you will have to it manually.

Ok thank you for the information. I think that it would be a good to add this setting as a feature on a future pydio release. It would be nice if the admin could set up default ways of opening a file either plugin or external depending on the file type.