Open text file with the text editor


I cannot open text file (with .txt extension) from the web interface.
The plugin editor.text is enabled and others editor like pdf viewer and opendocument viewer work correctly.
I run Pydio 8.0.1-3 on Debian Jessie from

How can I tell to Pydio to open a file with the text editor?

your issue is weird, could you screenshot me how it looks when you open a file, is it only readable if yes it might be just permissions otherwise could create a .txt file through Pydio and test it you can edit it.

When I open it, a download is launched and the MIME type is “application/force-download”. The “OPEN” button show “no editor available”.
I have exactly the same behavior with .txt file created trough Pydio.

It’s maybe a configuration issue due to modifications I made but as I’ve no error message and other similar feature work correctly I have no idea where to search.


Pydio 8 debian 8

Same as MartinL.

The basic editor text is enabled but When I did “Open with”, there is a message “no editor available”