.url filetype - browser popup blocker

I uploaded some .url files onto pydio. The reason is to take our guests to some useful website links.

As a guest, when I double click on a url to open it, in some browsers like google chrome and firefox, a popup blocker prevents taking the user to the hyperlink unless they enable access on the browser. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening?

it can be edited on your browser’s end, on the toolbar that is located on the top, at it’s left (beginning) you can see the workd secure in green color, left click it > sites settings, and then you can allow pop-ups for this site ( your pydio ).

Ok, yeah I know you can do that but was kind of wondering if there was a setting from Pydio to prevent a browser from doing this but I doubt it. Thanks.

The pop-up happens only when you use the external editor as it’s using an external viewer and therefore you will have the pop-up block unless you work that out on your browsers settings.