New server with cells (migration)

So, basically im running a production environment with Pydio 8.2.2 (community build) and we just got a new server in that i would like to fully migrate to Pydio cells (home). BUT at the moment there is no migration guide to do this… In about 2 weeks from now we are going to get in a redundancy server that will basically copy all the files in between to prevent any mistakes and downtime.

The installation of Pydio Cells were pretty easy but how do i migrate all of the users in to the server with all the files?

Or is it just easier to set up Pydio 8.2.2 and install a booster (like previous setup) and sync files and database to migrate? i don’t want to loose Pydio (it’s awesome and easy for our users)

Another idea would be to just recreate the users with their current passwords from mysql?

Is there a user creation MySQL cheat sheet i could use to do that? and simply just copy the directories from /data/personal/* in to the new /data/personal/ folder?


if you want to move your cells installation to another server it should be the same process as here

Well, im not moving from cells, I come from the php version of the pydio install, I have been using pydio since 2010 and still going, and now I want to use cells instead since that’s where the future is heading, and I figured I could do this at the same time I’m replacing the old server with two new ones. (Old server have been in use since 2012) and now we’re replacing it since its really old and hardware is slow.

sorry for the misunderstanding i thought that you wanted to cells_server_A -> cells_server_B,
are you looking for P8 -> cells?

Yes exactly, I have changed my mind about Cells tho since I found out that cells doesn’t support sync? If I read that correctly and that’s kind of bad for my users at the moment. It’s sad that they have pushed cells so hard for people to upgrade and not all features are working yet. That’s rude :confused: so for three moment I’m just going to stick to the P8 version until this is cleared up. I guess the switch between P8 to Cells would be much easier when that’s fixed as well.