Upgrade to Cells and MySQL 8 for Cells?

So the PHP version is done, correct?

  1. Is there an upgrade path from 8 Enterprise?
  2. Does Cells support MySQL 8 on RHEL 7?
  3. Any real difference in functionality?

We are enterprise customers, btw.



  1. right now we still have a bit of php ( it will be done in the future we are actually working on that ).
  2. Cells supports Mysql starting at version 5.6 and above, version 8 should be working ( i will do some testing and keep you updated.
  3. For differences in functionality we could say that you kinda have the same as in pydio 8 but the implementation is different, and pydio cells is future proof performance wise and it has greater potential for scalability

Thanks for the reply. Oh I thought it was pure golang?

And by PHP I take it you mean server-side PHP but not Web server PHP? (No Apache so to speak).

for the PHP it’s on the front end part, but we are working on getting rid of it.
Yeah no apache at all.

Gotchya, you mean you are still referencing PHP resources as a URL (without apache? So, writing socket listeners hmmm?) or passing it back through Go for further PHP processing? (just curious, but still might help me troubleshoot any issues.

And wer’e good with MySQL 8?

One other thing, in Apache, I could set up different virtual hosts, as I get up to speed with the new tech, is there a similar option sans the need for containers?

when you use virtual hosts usually you either bind a different port or use a different hostname,
so basically as long as you dont bind the ports used by cells on anything else you should be able to use for example another webserver, you just have to disable the default bindings(if you are using 80 & 443 but if your cells is on 8080 it should not matter at all) and then you are free to use other ports( as in a virtual host ).

You could take a look at your proxy guide it could give you hints.

Either work for me, host or port. OK somehow I missed the Caddy-based web
server last time I looked. We typically do load balanced webheads behind a
load balancer as well. So that’s helpful.