Upgrade to Cells and MySQL 8 for Cells?


So the PHP version is done, correct?

  1. Is there an upgrade path from 8 Enterprise?
  2. Does Cells support MySQL 8 on RHEL 7?
  3. Any real difference in functionality?

We are enterprise customers, btw.




  1. right now we still have a bit of php ( it will be done in the future we are actually working on that ).
  2. Cells supports Mysql starting at version 5.6 and above, version 8 should be working ( i will do some testing and keep you updated.
  3. For differences in functionality we could say that you kinda have the same as in pydio 8 but the implementation is different, and pydio cells is future proof performance wise and it has greater potential for scalability


Thanks for the reply. Oh I thought it was pure golang?

And by PHP I take it you mean server-side PHP but not Web server PHP? (No Apache so to speak).