Can we have one last update for Pydio 8?

Hey @Charles Can we have a last update to Pydio 8 as support will dissapear december this year?

Since Cells is not ready to be deployed on our servers just yet, an update to Support PHP 7.3.x would be needed.

A Sync client for Cells is needed for us along with our clients to be able to make the jump, and there were a long time ago since i heard any news about such a client for Cells. Also a drive Option would be welcome, i haven’t heard alot about that feature either just yet.

Regards Mattias Magnusson.

Mattias do you have specific issues with 7.3 ? For us it’s currently working out of the box. We will probably make a last update soon in anyway.
Regarding Cells + Sync, you’ve already see things are moving :wink:

Yes, after the finalstep of the installation “Finish setup” I get a 500 error running PHP 7.3.10 (latest), It’s not possible to proceed. I had to change back to PHP 7.2.23 for it to finish correctly. im not sure if i can upgrade to PHP 7.3.10 after the setup is done tho, and i currently don’t have access to the logs (at my clients place 2 hours drive away ^^). I currently don’t have time to test it fully right now either since i got mor stuff to do. I hope this could get looked in to or maybe i mage something wrong.

That server was a local server so i didn’t really need PHP 7.3 but just found that out since that’s what i had installed. luckily there isn’t to much work installing another version of php. ^^

Could you please post the environment, I will try to test on my local machine.

  • OS name, version
  • PHP 7.3.10 (where is upstream of these packages)

Windows 10 1903, Build 18362.418 (current latest)
Running in UwAmp from
With PHP 7.3.10 from:

Exactly same setup except PHP 7.2.23 from:
Is working fine.

The reason Im running UwAmp instead of any other AMP setup is basically since i have built a control panel to remote mange that setup in case of issues. (Just easier that way).