How to migrate Pydio Cells to new machine

I am currently migrating pydio cells → pydio cells, but it does not work.
How can I migrate pydio cells → pydio cells.

It is built with docker-compose.yml, and there is generally no difference in the data, but it looks like I can’t start it up as is because of the IP address change.

First, I did the following in the old environment
・Backup of cells_data
・Dump of mysql DB

Then, I did the following in the new environment.
・Build a new pydio server using docker-compose.yml.
・Access pydio cells, connect to the new mysql server on the setup screen, and create a root user.
・Using docker exec, bash into the mysql container and restore the DB dumped from the old environment.
・Use docker exec to bash into the mysql container, and restore the DB dumped from the old environment.
・Docker-compose down to drop cells once, and docker-compose up -d to restart.
・Set up backup data for cells_data.

Unfortunately, after restarting pydio cells, I could not log in by trying to log in with the account I used for the old environment.

Hello @2hachi and welcome to the forum.

From what I have understood from your post you went the wrong way: there no use to reinstall cells before restoring your backups. Here is a short overview of how to do it:

  • Assuming you are in a single node setup, you should begin by edit all your Datasources to insure the Peer address field is set to “Any Peer”. This is not compulsory, but it eases the process (see below)
  • Make your backups (both MySQL DB and the Cells Working Directory)
  • You can then restore your MySQL dump and start a new docker image with the restored data as mounted volume
  • If the DB has moved, the only thing you have to manually fix is the DB address in the main confguration file:
    • edit the /var/cells/pydio.json file
    • change the “databases”.“dsn” parameter to fit with your new setup
  • you can then restart cells and you should be good to go

If you cannot start again from the beginning, you should try to debug your broken re-install, mainly by reading the /var/cells/logs/pydio.log file to spot issues and editing the main config:

  • double check the DB DSN
  • you might try to find and replace any hard-coded IP from the old to the new (you should not have any, if you have configured your instance correctly).

hello @bsinou.
thanks you for the reply!

I did what you said and it started up fine!!

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