Upgrade from Pydio 7 to Cells

We’re currently using Pydio 7 Enterprise and thinking about upgrading to either 8 or Cells and I have a few questions.

  1. When will EOL for Pydio 8 be?

  2. Since we’ve spent quite some time adding our customers, creating workspaces, etc to our current Pydio, we really don’t want to do that again. Are there any plans on writing a migration tool to migrate to Pydio Cells or at least migrate some of the SQL data?

  3. Is Pydio Cells considered “stable”?


Hi Christoffer

  1. Pydio 8 will still be supported for until end of 2019, longer for enterprise dist (to be defined).
  2. We are planning to release a migration tool in the forth coming weeks (date to be confirmed, before december).
  3. Cells is stable but testing is recommended anyway for existing Pydio user, to get used to the new concepts on the admin side and check that some features are not missing for your particularly use-case (there are not 100% of pydio features in Cells)

Do you have a list of what features that are missing?

we are working on it!

Any progress with the list or the migration tool?

Charles, any progress?

Anyone, any progress?

we are currently working on it and we are still doing internal testing,
i cannot give you an ETA, bear with us.

I hope the testing is going well :slight_smile: