Multiple LDAP authentication

Pydio: 8.2.2
OS: Debian 9
Nginx: 1.14.1
PHP: 7.0

Is it possible to connect Pydio to two different LDAP instances? I notice that you can configure a secondary instance and it connect it successfully and verify connection however the secondary instance will not work at all for authentication.

Also it seems that the “User Choice” mutliple instance mode stops working once you set the secondary instance driver to “LDAP/AD Directory”. Based on this I’m guessing there is no support for a secondary LDAP instance however I’m posting here hoping someone has a roundabout way of getting it working or I’m wrong and it is supported.

I appreciate any help or information provided. Thanks!


Both Pydio Enterprise and Cells Enterprise can do. In Cells Enterprise, you can add unlimited LDAP sources to authentication stack