Clarification on licensing and LDAP



I was using Pydio “PHP-edition” on a 16.04 ubuntu server. I upgraded the server to 18.04 and Pydio was not working anymore. Checking the news, seems that cells now only have LDAP option on enterprise version with a license fee, is that right?
In other words, will I have to pay to use LDAP auth from now on or is there how to deploy cells on my server with LDAP auth without paying?
Sorry for such dumb question, bear with me, please.

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I clarify here that there are two different pydio: Pydio 8 (php) and Pydio Cells. They are using different technoligies and have different license policy.

Ldap in Pydio 8 (php) is available in both Pydio 8 (PHP) Community and Enterprise.
LDAP authentication is available only on Cells Enterprise.


Thank you very much, had no idea. What’s the roadmap for php version, will it live in the future?