Install/ centos7/pydio 8.0.2/ldap

I have installed pydio 8.0.2 in CentOS 7.
I don’t see the configuration ldap on principal option / authentification.
I have the module ldap in phpinfo.

Thanks for your help


Settings > Authentication > Master DRIVER

Main Instance > Instance type > LDAP/AD DIRECTORY

Can you join a screenshot, when you’re in Settings > Authentication pls ?


I have not the ldap module in my configuration master or secondary just stockage BDD.
but i have it in my phpinfo see:

you must enable the plugin go to All plugins > Available Plugins > Authentication Backend > LDAP/AD.

it’s weird but i just have


then you must be missing the plugin you can download and put in the plugins folder, you can find it right here, it’s called auth.ldap.

It work, thanks
with:yum install pydio-plugin-auth-ldap.noarch

what is the best practice for ldap :master ldap and secondary mysql ?

Thanks for all

yes the best practice would ne to put your LDAP as master and the DB auth storage as secondary(in case there’s an issue with ldap you could always log as an admin and change it).