Pydio admin doesn't work after configuring ldap

After installing pydio v8 and configuring LDAP the pydio admin user can no longer authenticate, I have other admin users but no superadmin.

how can we remedy this?

We setup dual authentication, LDAP as the Primary and the secondary as the internal Pydio authentication.

Can your LDAP admin modify settings?


could you tell me if you put the ldap as a master or secondary driver in the authentication menu.

You should configure the Auth in Pydio as:

  • Master instance: LDAP
  • Secondary instance: DB

thanks for the help I added the db as second and all things are working the way they should. I think thee was an update or patch applied to our mysql or mysql.

I initially had set it up that way and I suppose the changed on the db side caused the issues. Basically I had to remove it and set up db as a second again save it exit restart nginx, and PHP. But resetting the second second driver worked.

one last question working with ldap I want to restrict it to a specific OU and I’ve been playing with the group settings but I can’t seem to get it restricted to only a service/team group like pydiodev, pydioservice, pydioreview. I’m trying to leverage the permissions on the AD side so we have a smaller base of users we pull in our ldap connection provides over 14,000 users and I just want a subset or a department/team.

in group settings I have :
I’ve tried whole slews of ou=pydiogroup and such and messed with the advance settings but I’m not getting anything to function. no matter what I put in to restrict the groups and users (via ldap) I still get my full catalogue of users.

Hello, We filter in the Users Schema under People DN by the Organization Unit. We created an internal and an external OU to keep them separate so our connection is something like:


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Hi guys,

I’m facing the same problem.

I didn’t configure LDAP Auth properly and now I cannot log into the platform.

I still have command line access, so how can I change from cli?

Im running pydio on a CentOS.

Thank you