Pydio 8 Multi Authentication

This is for Pydio 8

I have a multi-authentication set up with a Master Driver bound to LDAP and created a secondary driver as local DB Auth to SQL.

I’m able to view both kinds of users, ldap and local, and login as both. The problem is that I can’t create any new local users since binding to LDAP. There’s no error when they are created, but they don’t show up in the user directory.

Any help would be appreciated.


for the secondary database i advise you to use DB Auth Storage,
and if you have auto-create enabled it should be able to create users.

Do you have this setting enabled, screenshot right here

Hi zayn,
Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to return to this project.

I’ve enabled the Setting you’ve reference in the Master Driver, and also in the Secondary driver.

Still no joy. I still can’t seem to be able to create users in Pydio that are not LDAP users in Active Directory.


sorry for the miscommunication i mean’t for the ldap as seen in this picture ( you have to enable this )