Missing AJXP_Plugin Class

I’ve just performed an update from 6.4.2 to 8.2.1. However, we have a custom plugin, based off an old “hook” plugin, that provides authentication to an FTP server (this is not the same as WebFTP).

Unfortunately, the plugin no longer works, as the wrapper it defines is based on a class which seems to have been removed:
class PureFTPdAuthHook extends AJXP_Plugin {
} //END: PureFTPdAuthHook

The plugin defined particular settings in the GUI, and basically just responded to authentication requests from PureFTPd by authenticating them against Pydio’s workspaces. In 6.4.2 it shows up under Feature Plugins > Hook.

I’ve looked through the documentation, but can’t find anything about this change. I’ve also looked for the Hooks listing, which is supposed to be under Developer Resources > Hooks Definitions in the settings, but can’t find anything.

Any guidance on how to update this plugin to work with Pydio 8 would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi, The code was indeed refactored to use PHP namespaces, just have a look at any other plugin class, AJXP_Plugin would be Plugin, with a “use” instruction at the beginning of the file.
Regarding the hook, which hook were you exactly using?

Hi Charles,
Thank you for the reply. I have no idea which hook I had made use of several years ago, but I’ve begun adapting this to the new system. I am not a PHP developer, but just hack on it badly when I have to, so the namespaces is all new to me.

It was a bit frustrating not to find anything in the documentation that mentioned the refactoring and possible changes to plugins. I did look, but if it was there, I missed it.

Thank you again,