Settings plugin corrupted?

Hi there.

On a 7.0.4 instance restored from backup, everything works fine from an existing user pov.

But from an admin account, access to settings is now showing an error message :
Cannot find method switchAction for plugin access.ajxp_conf!

No more info from pydio or server side logs either, this is the only message i get.


Please verify access.ajxp_conf plugin in plugins folder. if no, try to copy from

Don’t forget to delete plugin cache (rm -rf data/cache/plugins_*)

Hi c12simple. Headshot !
You are awesome.
That did the trick.

Is this some kind of symbolic link inside pydio-core not properly rsync’ed back from backup ?

Should i force unzip the whole distro over the one restored from backup ?

You can, except “data” folder

Thanks a lot.

Nice day to you.